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Braxton Garneau - Artists - GAVLAK

Lives and works in Edmonton, Canada

Braxton Garneau holds a BFA from the University of Alberta and has had solo exhibitions at Stride Gallery and Parallel Space. His work was recently shown in Black Every Day at the Art Gallery of Alberta and It's About Time: Dancing Black in Canada 1900 - 1970 and Now at Mitchell Art Gallery.

Working in painting, sculpture, printmaking and installation, Garneau’s practice is rooted in costuming, transformation, and material honesty. Combining visual influences from classical European portraiture and Afro-Caribbean culture with harvested and hand-processed materials, he creates portraits, shrines, and corporeal forms that explore the sociocultural history of his Caribbean heritage. The materials used–raffia, sugarcane pulp, cowrie shells, asphalt–share inextricable colonial histories and cultural ties to those who’ve spent generations in close proximity to them.

Garneau’s recent body of work specifically looks at the traditions of costuming and European influences on the development of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, and its precursor “Canboulay” from the French "cannes brulés”, meaning burnt cane, as a slave revolt and parallel celebration formed in response to 18th century French plantation owners masquerades (Mas).



BFA, 2020  University of of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Fine Art Diploma, 2017, MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB



2023        GAVLAK Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA (upcoming)

2021        Cannes Brûlees, Stride Gallery, Calgary, AB

2019        Braxton Garneau, Parallel Space, Edmonton, AB




2022        Fully Realized, Latitude 53, Edmonton, AB

                SNAP at 40: Anniversary Showcase, SNAP, Edmonton, AB

                Scrappy, dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton, AB


2021        New Direction, curated by AJ Gerard and Artx, Château Cîroc, Miami, Florida

                Black Every Day, Art Gallery Of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

                …bring A Folding Chair, Alberta: Trex Aliated Galleries (2021-2022), initiated by The Alberta Foundation For The Arts

                 Artists In The Fallow 2, Brighton Block Building, curated by Michael Cor and Kasie Campbell, Edmonton, AB

                 Dy3corpia in collaboration with about Light, curated by Marilene Oliver, Edmonton, AB Where Do We Go From Here?, Remote Contact Virtual Printmaking Symposium, hosted by University Of Tennessee,                         curated by Myken Mcdowell And Jamie-Lee, Girodat, Knoxville, TN

                 Art From Here, Digital Project curated by Latitude 53, SNAP Gallery, Mitchell Art Gallery, Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective, Edmonton, AB


2020       It’s About Time: Dancing Black In Canada 1900 – 1970 And Now, Mitchell Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

               5 Artists 1 Love, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

2019        Nice To Meet You: Bachelor Of Fine Arts Graduate Show, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

               5 Artists 1 Love, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

               Black History Month Art Showcase, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

2018        -And A Baby, Latitude 53, Edmonton, AB

                Change Climate, Sculptural Work, Rutherford Library, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

                Re-Defining Intermedia, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

2017        Define Intermedia, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

                Orange Factory, Macewan University Graduates Exhibition, Edmonton, AB


University of Alberta Museums, Edmonton, AB



Art in Focus, University of Alberta Museums, April

The Humber Literary Review, Volume 9, Issue 2 Fall + Winter

The Dance Current, Volume 25, Issue 1


The Colour Edition, SNAPline, January

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