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Gisela Colón: Lady Dior goes through another reinvention.

Dior’s perennial bag, the Lady Dior, became iconic the moment it appeared on the arm of Princess Diana. Now, for the fifth year in a row, the French house has granted a group of internationally renowned artists free rein to use its staple piece as a blank canvas. Among the class of creatives involved in this year’s covetable Dior Lady Art collection? Vancouver-born, Puerto Rico-raised sculptor Gisela Colón, who translated her signature ethereal artistry onto two new handbags. Here are three things to know about Colón’s gallery-worthy limited-edition pieces.

OTHERWORLDLY INFLUENCES As with much of her other work, Colón looked to the skies for inspiration while designing her bags, dubbed Stardust and Amazonia. The hypnotizing holographic depictions of interstellar mysteries—like deep space and the aurora borealis—are also a nod to Christian Dior’s love of the stars and divination.

PRACTICAL MAGIC Each bag features a miniature version of Colón’s enigmatic, podlike monolith statues, which the artist uses to evoke feelings of power, beauty and equality.

ETERNAL STYLE While Colón sees the original Lady Dior as an outfit-elevating accessory, the sculptor wants her creations to grab attention and inspire grand musings

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