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Sonnenberg with his Funfetti Candelabra (Pair)

The Armory Show 2020, Gavlak Booth 906.

"I use timeā€intensive construction methods to create totems and environments that reference the cyclical nature of growth and decay, and suggest layers of time that move beyond the art historical and into the geological and emotional. The works range in media from porcelain to performance, and together this constellation of artworks is an analogue for the wear and confidence that comes with age, the transience of time, and how we come to understand our present moment through histories that are epic and intimate."

-Anthony Sonnenberg


1986, Graham TX

Lives and works in Fayetteville AR




2012     University of Washington, Seattle WA, M.F.A. SCULPTURE

2009     University of Texas, Austin TX, B.A. Art Studio with an emphasis in Italian and Art History, 2005-09

2007     University of Texas Study Abroad Program, Castilion Fiorentino, Italy                                                                                                                                               



2018      Still Stage, Set Life - Art Museum of South East Texas, Beaumont, TX

2017     Let Your Flowers Grow - Conduit Gallery, Dallas TX

2016     Apollo and Dionysus - Art Palace Gallery, Houston TX

2015     Fat Equals Flavor - Conduit Gallery, Dallas TX

            With Wild Abandon - Lawndale Art Center, Houston TX

2013     Time After Time After Time – The Old Jail Art Center, Albany TX

2012     Still Lives – Vignettes, Seattle, WA 

             All That Glitters – CMA Gallery, Seattle, WA

2010     Beauty is Not Benign – Co-lab Projects, Austin, TX 

2009     Let the Golden Age Begin – Old Post Office Museum and Art     

            Center, Graham TX

            Conspicuous Consumption - Flood Gallery, Austin TX 



2014      Pulliam Fine Arts presents: Anthony Sonnenberg and Saya Moriyasu– The Window PDX Contemporary, Portland OR

 2013     Self- with Rodrigo Valenzuela – 4Culture Gallery – Seattle WA 

 2012     Sticks and Stones – SOIL Gallery, Seattle WA

              Best Not To Be - with Graham Downing – 2012 City Arts Festival –           

              Seattle, WA 



 2013      Captain Dirty Bear and his Dirty Cub Cadets Contemplate the    

               Impossibility of Permanence in the Physical World - New and Greatest Hits: Selected

               Work by Texas Biennial Artists 2005-2011,  Big Medium, Austin TX                                                      

2011       Captain Dirty Bear Ask a Question – Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA

               Captain Dirty Bear Spreads His Razzmatazz Around Town – NEPO 5k No Run, Seattle WA  

               Melting Point: Movements in Contemporary Clay, Craft & Folk Art  Museum, Los Angeles CA

2017       Confabulations of Millenia, Institute of Contemporary Art @  MeCA, Portland ME                                                                                         

               Morph - Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York NY

2016       Double Digits: Lawndale's Artist Studio Program, 10 Years and Counting, Lawndale Art Center, Houston TX

2014       Natural Beauties: Jewelry from Art Nouveau to Now, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT  

               VANITAS (eat, drink and be merry), Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University, Seattle WA 

               Open Archive, Red Arrow Contemporary, Dallas, TX  

2013       The Obsessive Unknown Origins of Grotesques Irregularity, LxWxH Gallery, Seattle WA 

               Nouveau Baroque – Gallery Fukai, Vancouver B.C. 

               ONN/OF Light Festival – Seattle WA 

2012       Thesis Exhibition – Henry Art Gallery, Seattle WA 2012

2011       NEPO 5k DON’T RUN – NEPO House – Seattle WA 2011

               The 2011 Texas Biennial –- Austin TX 

               Curator: Virginia Rutledge, Independent Curator and Art Historian            



2018     Present Visiting Assistant Professor in Ceramics, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville AR

2017     Instructor - Glassel School of Art @ MFAH, Houston TX

2015-2017 Adjunct Professor - Lone Star College, Kingwood TX

2011-2012  Instructor of Record- University of Washington, Seattle WA



2014     RPF Grant - The New Foundation - Seattle WA

2013     Finalist, Betty Bowen Award, Seattle Art Museum

2011     Peoples Choice Award - The 2011 Juried Exhibition, Punch Gallery, Seattle WA

             Julaine Martin Endowed Scholarship in the Arts 

             Jack and Layne Kleinhart Fellowship in the Arts 


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