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Vivid Splendor

GAVLAK Los Angeles

September 15, 2023 - March 19, 2024

Installation view , Vivid Splendor, 2023
Installation view , Vivid Splendor, 2023
Anthony Sonnenberg, The Bunny Vase, 2023
Anthony Sonnenberg, Double-tier polka-dot Chandelier (Ode to Peak Bottom Culture), 2021 - 2023
Alexis Teplin, Madame Guimard, 2007
Amani Lewis, Grandma's Hands, 20212022
Deborah Brown, Bathtub Self-Portrait with Zeus VI, 2020
Marc Dennis Caravaggio
Betty Tompkins, Cunt Painting #30, 2021
Kim Dacres, Poppa, 2017
Karen Carson Untitled, 2023
Monsieur Zohore, Western, 1937-2022
Nancy Lorenz, Palladium Cloud, 2019
Taha Heydari Shahpour Cave
FriendsWithYou, A Witches Dream, 2023
Gisela Colón, Parabolic Monolith (Cassiopeia), 2022
Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.), Song of Freedom (Yaelvis Santoyo, The Light Within You), 2022
LaToya Hobbs, Untitled, 2022
Ebony Patterson, Blood Bredda Krew, 2008
April Bey, They Said Our Dreams Would Carry Us and If They Don't Fly, We Will Run, 2022
James Williams II, Trippin, 2022
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