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All F@*#ing Summer

Gavlak Palm Beach

May 25 – August 1, 2013

Press Release

Jose Alvarez
Lisa Anne Auerbach
Dario Beatovic
Andrew Brischler
Rob Davis
Florence Derive
Phillip Estlund
Orly Genger
Greg Goldberg
Aramis Gutierrez
David Haxton
Christine Heindl
Cindy Hinant
Sheree Hovsepian
Lisa Kirk
Elizabeth Kley
Sinisa Kukec
Bovey Lee
Simone Leigh
Liz Markus
Keith Mayerson
Jen Mazza
Maynard Monrow
David Mramor
Paul P.
Scott Reeder
Walter Robinson
Diego Singh
Christina Sucgang
Alexis Teplin
Josh Tonsfeldt
Scott Treleaven
Wendy White
Rob Wynne

Gavlak Gallery is pleased to present our summer blockbuster of over 30 artists, "All Fucking Summer", which takes it's name from a painting by New York based artist Rob Davis. Summers in Florida are long and hot, especially in Palm Beach when the "Season" ends and the social migration begins to Long Island, Aspen, Newport, and Europe. In an effort to continue presenting some of the most interesting, international, contemporary art and keep "the locals" engaged, our summer survey is a presentation of artists new to the gallery combined with represented artists and others that we have known and loved over the years. Working in everything from painting to drawing, photography, collage, sculpture and mixed media, they are based in cities from New York, Los Angeles, London, Miami, and Pittsburgh. A special thank you to Mia Romanik, David Mramor and Andrew Brischler for their suggestions and introductions.

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