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Digital Image Still, Bird Goddess, courtesy of the artist.

Kathryn Garcia ​(b. 1978, Los Angeles, CA) lives and works between Los Angeles and the Mediterranean. Inspired by her spiritual practice and travels to ancient and sacred sites, Garcia works in a variety of media, including site-specific performance, video, sculpture, and drawing. Provocative and oftentimes interactive, her work engages with the Goddess Archetype as a means of reclaiming identity vis a vis the female body. Garcia’s bodies - her body, or the constructed bodies seen in her drawings, are created as vehicles for spiritual experience where a fem-queer body becomes sacred site. Her interactive works explore themes such as healing, mindfulness, participation, interconnectedness, and the experiential in art and are meant as offerings to the public. These offerings take place within immersive sculptures that the artist considers temples. Early on in her career, Garcia worked on international projects with Emi Fontana and Rirkrit Tiravanija, such as ​Women in the City ​(2008), ​Palm Pavilion​ (2008) and Asile Flottant (​ 2010). Garcia’s work has been exhibited in the US and abroad, including The Orange County Museum of Art, Santa Ana; LAXART, Various Small Fires, 356 Mission, and Harmony Murphy Gallery, all in Los Angeles; Pace Gallery, Invisible Exports, GBE, Participant, PS1-MOMA, all in NY; Ballroom Marfa, Texas; The Power Station, Dallas; Nina Johnson, Miami; Southard Reid, London; Embajada, Puerto Rico; Arredondo/Arozarena, Mexico City; and DESTE foundation, Greece.


Kathryn Garcia
b. 1978, Los Angeles, CA.
Lives and works in Venice, CA

Selected Solo Exhibitions and Projects
2020     The Feminine Divine, Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
             A Wave and the Ocean, As part of Gatherings, LAND, Los Angeles, CA
             Virtual Meditation and Sound Healing, OCMA, Santa Ana, CA
2019     Refugio Libre, Beta-Local, Puerto Rico
2018     gone, gone, way beyond, OCMA, Santa Ana, CA
2018     A Tanit, VSF, Los Angeles, CA
2015     Cuerpo Azul, Arredondo/Arozarena, Mexico City, Mexico
2014     I am Violet, Harmony Murphy Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
             LAXart Benefit and Gala, Greystone Mansion, Los Angeles, CA
2013     The Riddle of the Sphinx, Young Art, Los Angeles, CA
2009     Suddenly...Summer, Venetia Kapernekas Gallery, New York, NY

2019     Beta-Local, Refugio Libre, Puerto Rico

Group Exhibitions
2020     Star Goddess Island, Wonzimer, Los Angeles, CA
             Barely, Curated by New Discretions, Future Fair Online, NY
2018     Remote Castration, LAXART, Los Angeles, CA
2017     Ours is a City of Writers, LAMAG, Los Angeles, CA
2016     Vapegoat Rising, Arturo Bandini, Ballroom Marfa, Marfa, TX 
2015     He Put a Hot Fish in Her Navel, Embajada, Puerto Rico
             7 Women, 7 Sins, Kunstraum, Brooklyn 
2014     Great Expectations, 986 NE 84st, Miami, FL
             Botanica, Invisible Exports, NY
             Botanica, Carroll and Sons, Boston, MA
             Another Cat’s Show, 356 Mission, LA
             Maroon Belles, 4619 W Washington, LA
             Re-Think Environment, Human Resources, LA
             The Last Brucennial, New York, NY
             The Whitney Houston Biennial: I’m Every Woman, Brooklyn, NY 
             Dirty Minds: Reading below the Frame, Rooster Gallery, NY 
             Staging Interruptions (Stream of Life), Southard Reid, London, UK
2013     Cinderella Ashtray, Concord Space, LA 
             System of Objects, Deste Foundation, Greece 
             Drive In, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, CA 
             Diamonds, Diamonds, Gallery Diet, Miami, FL
2012     Staging The World Performing The Floor, MOMENTUM|Worldwide, Berlin, Germany 
             The Affect Factory; Precarity, Labor, Gender and Performance, NYU, NY
             Lo Carnivalesco, Mycellium Ingenium, Mexico City, Mexico
2011     Soft Machines, Pace Gallery, New York, NY 
             Queering Sex, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA 
             The Next 100 Years, ICA, London, UK
2010     Multiple Pleasures, Tanya Bonakdar, New York, NY
             Feast of Fools, Second-Floor, New York, NY
             Sanctioned Array, White Box, New York, NY
             The Collective Show, Participant Inc., New York, NY
             Hollywood MerchMart, LACE, Los Angeles, CA
             Efem, The Garment Room, New York, NY
             An Evening of Uncontrollable Flesh, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA 
             From NY With Love, Don’t Projects, Paris, France
2010     You Should Have Been Here an Hour Ago, Kunstverein, New York, NY
             Brooklyn is Burning IV, MoMA/ PS1, New York, NY
             Brucennial 2010: Miseducation, New York, NY
             Invagination and the Death of a Hamster: For Those With and Without, New York, NY
2009     Brooklyn is Burning does Wildness, Imprenta, Los Angeles, CA 
             SWF Seeks Same, Second-Floor, New York, NY
             October Group Show, Chime and Co., Los Angeles, CA 
             Sally’s, Larry’s, Berlin, Germany
             Brooklyn is Burning III, Monkey Town, New York, NY
             The Living and the Dead, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York, NY 
             BUTT in ASS, Asia Song Society (ASS), New York, NY
             From NY With Love, Candela Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico 
             Can’t Rape the Willing, Second-Floor, New York, NY
             Made For More, Chime and Co., Los Angeles, CA
             Brooklyn is Burning II, Monkey Town, New York, NY
             Anthology, Otero-Plassart, Los Angeles, CA
2008     Etrangetes Gifts, Jail Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 
             Brooklyn Is Burning, Glasslands Gallery, New York, NY 
             Love in the USA, Louise T Blouin Institute, London, UK 
             The Left Hand of Darkness, The Project, New York, NY 
             Read My Lips, Peres Projects, Berlin, Germany
2007     WuTang/Googleplex Show (Congress), Passerby, New York, NY
2006     GRUPE, GBE@Passerby, New York and Mandrake, Los Angeles, CA
2005     Put It In Your Mouth / I'll see you on the dark side of the prune, Rivington Arms, NY 
2003     Emergence, Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Editorial Contributions
2020     LALA Magazine, "Living Through History, A Visual Time Capsule," Contributing artist 
2018     Ecocore, Issue VII, "Cannabis," Contributing Artist
2014     Staging Interruptions (Stream of Life), The Magazine, Contributing artist
2010     The New Tough Magazine, Issue 2 “Heretics”, Contributing artist
2009     New Gentlemen’s Club, Winter 09 Issue, Contributing artist
            The New Tough Magazine, Issue 1 “America”, Contributing artist
2008     Animal Shelter Magazine, Contributing editor with Hedi El Kholti and Semiotext(e) 
2007     Daddy the Magazine (Issues 1, 2 & 4), Editor

Select Press
2020     Almino, Elisa Wouk. “What to Do (Online) This Week: Meditate with Art, Visit a Frank Lloyd
             Wright House and More”, Hyperallergic, April 7, 2020
2018     Mizota, Sharon. “'Remote Castration': At LAXART, a provocative show about female power
             and sexual violence”, Los Angeles Times, August 18, 2018
2014     Berardini, Andrew. “Copper Pyramid and Promethean Fire”, Artslant, Oct 09, 2014.
2013     The Journal Magazine, Entry No 32, 2013
2012     Dazed and Confused, Vol III/10, 2012
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             Taft, Catherine. “Unconventional Wisdom,”, Artforum, July 6, 2011.
2010      Work Magazine, Issue II: Sexuality
             "Made in America," Blast Magazine, Spring Issue
2009      Stillman, Nick. (2009, October) Kathryn Garcia at Venetia Kapernekas Gallery, Artforum p.241-242
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              Woo, Kim. "BUTT in ASS," The Cult Magazine Launches a Video Exhibition at Asia Song
2009     "Society that Replicates a Porn Shop,"
Dazed Digital
2006     "Five Artists to Watch," SOMA Magazine, December/January
2005      New York Times, Art Review; "Fanciful to Figurative to Wryly Inscrutable."

Public Collections
Deste Foundation, Athens, Greece
Sansab Museum of Contemporary Art, Bangkok


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